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The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum which stands as the symbol of human ingenuity was founded in the late 1930s by the Chicago business leader Max Adler. This planetarium situated on Northerly Island, acts as a liaison in inspiring the next generation of explorers by sharing the personal stories of human space exploration and America’s space heroes. It is America’s first planetarium, and it comprises of three full size theaters. The planetarium is equipped with digital projection. The sky theater utilizes Zeiss optical projector and the universe 3d theatre. Abundant with new technology and glimmering with the state of the art facilities, Adler Planetarium does not fail to tantalize young aspirants in its realm of scientific world.

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Adler is recognized for his acumen and as the leader in science education, with a focus of catapulting science to a new dimension and to cascade new aspirants to pursue a career in science.

The Adler Planetarium Chicago came to be recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Adler Planetarium Picture

Adler Planetarium Exhibitions

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The Adler Planetarium boasts of intriguing exhibitions, educating visitors on the vast expanse of space and beyond. Visitors get a chance to to try some exciting hands on exploration. There is no restrain on the age limit of visitors.

Planet Explorers

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Space lovers will enjoy every bit of this fascinating exhibit. Experience the thrill of an adventurous journey that takes you across the universe to Planet X. Planet Explorers is by far the most innovative space exhibit ever.

Galaxy Wall

Feast your eyes on the most intriguing view of the Milky Way, in this exhibit.


In this exhibit you get to discover the brilliance and technology of some world famous telescopes. These incredible instruments have made it possible to explore the grandeur of the Universe and other extraordinary objects. This exhibit includes hands- on activities.

Shoot for the Moon

This Exhibit features the restituted Gemini 12 spacecraft and the brilliant personal space artifacts from the Lovell Collection. Here is your chance to learn about the greatest space exploration stories ever as well as America’s future missions to the Moon.

Visitors come face to face with the real challenges that a space explorer has to encounter.


Cyberspace is a complete computer related interactive exhibit. It acquaints visitors with in – depth Vision Stations’ experience about the magnificent Universe. Visitors are also updated with everything that has to do with the current astronomy.

Our Solar System

Explore the Solar System in its entirety and magnificence. This educational exhibit makes visitors understand more about our Solar System. It encompasses the study of moons, dwarf planets, asteroids and comets that rotate around the Sun. Visitors can actually drive a Mars rover that is used to study the planet’s surface.

Universe in Your Hands

Learn about the perception of the people of the medieval times regarding the Earth and the Universe. Ages ago people were convinced that our planet marked the centre of the universe. This exhibit also familiarizes visitors with medieval instruments like sundials and armillary spheres.

Hidden Wonders: Preserving the night sky

This exhibit focuses to create a sense of environmental awareness among people. Hidden Wonders highlights light pollution and its adverse effects.

From Earth to the Universe

Visitors can indulge their senses to a spectacular collection of galactic images displayed in this exhibit. This exhibit is a partnered presentation by the Adler Planetarium and Midway International Airport.

Adler Planetarium Image

Adler Planetarium Events

There are many special events hosted by the Chicago Adler Planetarium. These events include shuttle launch screenings, space science lectures by experts and much more.

Astro Overnight

Experience a sleep over at the Planetarium at this extraordinary event. This event comprises of exciting activities for families. The various demonstrations educate visitors on the survival strategies used by astronauts in space. During the course of the event you will have learnt many interesting facts like making your own home made water filter.

Visitors also learn about the co- existence of plants and people in space and the art of growing plants in space. Families will love the ancient cultural myths related with the stars in the ‘Stories in the Star’. Telescope viewing and additional planetarium shows are a perfect compliment to this fun event.

Astro Overnight is scheduled to be held on the 6th of May, 2011. The event begins from 6.00 pm. For more details on this event please log onto the official website.

Summer Camp for Kids

This event can prove to be an excellent creative exercise for young children. It includes a variety of educative and interactive programs like Astro Investigators, Exploring the Edge of the Space, Technology Camp etc designed for children of specific age groups.

This year Summer Camp for kids is scheduled between June 20th and August 5th at the Adler Planetarium. More information on this event can be found on the official website.

Heliophysics Educator Ambassador Program

This event is specially designed for teachers from grades 6-8. Middle school teachers share their knowledge about Space, Earth and Physical Science in this week long workshop. The program intends to colligate the GEMS (Great Exploration in Math and Science) with the latest missions of NASA. As such participants get exposed to a deeper understanding of the particular subject. The program defines its underlying motive of producing well versed participants on NASA Heliophysics Science and Educational Resources, and who are capable of training other teachers on it.

The program is scheduled to be held from July 18the – 22nd, 2011. More information is available on the official website.

2011 Annual Webster Lecture

The prestigious Annual Webster Lecture is going to be delivered this year by Associate Professor with the Department of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies at Brown University, John Steele. Another astronomer and scribe Anu-Belshunu happens to be one of the selected few to specialize in the study of astronomical cuneiform tablets. You can look forward to an interesting and educative lecture wherein you begin to understand the origin and practice of astronomy and astrology which dates back to the Babylonian era during a few centuries B.C.

This event is scheduled to take place on the 13th of September, 2011 at the Adler Planetarium, Universe Theatre. Please log onto the official website for more information.

Adler Planetarium Admission Prices

The general admission fee (without including the shows) is as follows:

Adults: $10.00

Seniors (65 years and above): $8.00

Children (between 3 -11 years of age): $ 6.00

The residents of Chicago qualify for the following discounts:

Adult Admission Packages: $2.00 discount

Child Admission Packages: $1.00 discount

Residents of Chicago can avail this discount by producing a proof of residency.

Adler Planetarium Free Days

General admission is absolutely free on Adler Planetarium Discount Days. The discount days for 2011 are as follows:

12the May
1st June
6th June
7th June
8th June
9the June
10the June

Adler Planetarium Membership

Official members can avail exciting opportunities like free admissions, the Atwood Experience, Adler store discounts as well as access to unlimited number of shows.

To acquire the membership you can log onto the official website.

Adler Planetarium Hours

The Planetarium opens daily from

9.30 am – 5.00 pm

On Third Thursdays

6.00 pm- 10.00pm

On Holidays

9.30 am – 5.00 pm

The only two days when the Adler Planetarium remains closed is on:


Thanksgiving Day

The mastermind behind the brilliant Adler Planetarium architecture that earned itself a gold medal was architect Ernest A. Grunsfeld, Jr.

The Adler Planetarium celebrates the brilliance and glory of our universe. Following the 75 th anniversary, this planetarium marks the triumph of Adler’s perseverance, and his solemn endeavor to build a world’s recognized scientific achievement.

Contact Details

1300 South Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, IL 60605

Telephone: (312) 922 7827

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