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Lincoln zoo is a major Chicago attraction and each year approximately three million visitors visit the zoo for enjoyment, fun and educational visit. The zoo has been able to establish historical structures and good facilities for the animals. Lincoln Park Zoo has a display of incredible animals. If you are travelling with your family or you are an animal lover, this zoo is worth a visit.

Lincoln Park Zoo, Illinois

Picture 1: Lincoln Park Zoo, Illinois


Lincoln Park Zoo Location

Lincoln Zoo Park is located just few minutes north of downtown Chicago, off shore drive at the Fullerton Parkway exit. It’s a 35 acre zoo which is situated in Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois. The Park begins at the northern avenue and for few miles it follows along the banks of the Lake Michigan. The zoo was established in 1868 and is considered the one of the United States oldest zoo. The Chicago area has five zoos but the Lincoln Zoo is the main zoo in the city.

Lincoln Park Zoo History

The Lincoln Park Zoo was established in the year 1868. During this year the Park commissioner was gifted a pair of swans by the Central Park in New York City which were the first occupants of the zoo. In 1874, they purchased a bear cub. Later a Bison was born inside the zoo. From 1944 to 1962, the director of the zoo was Marlin Perkins who was a famous television host of the programs like Zoo Parade and Wild Kingdom. He formed a group of citizens who supported the Zoo’s mission, called the Lincoln Park Zoological society. From 1970 to 1980 the zoo went through some renovations and several exhibits were added to the zoo. From 1995, the Zoological society from the Chicago park district took charge of the management of the zoo. In 2010, the zoo made some transformations at the pond habitat that had native plants and wildlife.

Lincoln Park Zoo Exhibits

The Lincoln Park is a world of its own in the midst of the skyscrapers. The zoo features indoor and outdoor exhibits from big cats, bears, wolves to rats and snakes as well as the domestic animals like goats, horses, cows and pigs. The visitors can pet the goats; they can feed the cows or watch the staff milk the cow every morning. The staff there explains the other elements of the farm life. The zoo contains the major exhibits like the antelope and zebra area, penguin and seabird house, farm in the zoo, lion house, sea lion pool, bird house, swan pond, family children’s zoo, bear habitat, nature broadwalk, exhibit of the African apes and reptile houses. The zoo exhibits exclusive reptiles to huge mammals.

Lincoln Park Zoo Animals

Picture 2: Inside Lincoln Park Zoo



The animals that exhibit in the zoo educate the visitors about the wildlife around the world. The visitors of course come to see the animals and they do not go home disappointed. The major ambassadors of various wild animals are present in the Lincoln Park Zoo.


The zoo has more than 75 species of birds and around 300 birds, the zoo bird exhibit features the birds from various parts of the world like Egyptian goose, swan goose, mandarin duck, tawny frogmouth, Spotted dikkop, African spoonbill, snowy egrets, jambu fruit dove, bald eagle, crested wood partridge, ostriches etc.


The zoo is home to more than 80 species of mammals from the ordinary to the exotic of them. The Zoo mammal exhibit features camels, giraffes, hippopotamus, white lipped deer, African lion, jaguar, polar bear, puma, red panda, western lowland gorilla, American beaver, naked mole rat, Prevost’s squirrels.


The zoo has more than 70 species of reptiles, fishes and amphibians. The reptiles’ exhibit features dwarf crocodile, caiman lizard, Kenyan sand boa, smooth green snake, spotted turtle, three toed boxed turtle, yellow spotted Amazon River turtle etc.


The amphibian category includes American toad, oriental fire bellied toad, Solomon island leaf frog, emperor newt, mudpuppy etc.

Elephant Bathing inside the Lincoln Park Zoo

Picture 3: Elephant Bathing Inside the Lincoln Park Zoo


Lincoln Park Zoo Concerts

Concerts and jam up sessions are held at the zoo and the tickets are purchased at the zoo’s guest service building and also at the gate.

Lincoln Park Zoo Fees

Entry to the Lincoln Park Zoo is free throughout the year.

Lincoln Park Zoo Parking

The parking fee is collected at the exit. The charges might vary during special events. Since the parking lot would be congested during the field trip season or bus drop off or pick up time, the visitors are encouraged to take the public transport. There are special discounts on parking for the zoo members.

Images of Lincoln Park Zoo
Picture 4 - Lincoln Park Zoo Image
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Lincoln Park Operating Hours

The operating hours of the zoo are as follows:

  • Nov to March: 10am to 4:30pm
  • April to May: 10am to 5pm
  • Memorial day to Labor day (29th May to 6th September): weekdays(10am to 5pm) / Weekends(10am to 6:30pm)
  • Sept to Oct: 10am to 5pm

Lincoln Park Zoo Educational Programs

Lincoln Park Zoo organizes several educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Programs to create awareness of the wildlife, its conservation and management are held. Apart from the wildlife, the zoo has a beautiful garden and gardening classes are held.

Lincoln Park Zoo has been a delight to all the animal and nature lovers for many generations. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, the zoo is definitely refreshing for all the visitors. Hear the roar of the lion and watch the gorillas climb the trees or just enjoy a stroll around the garden; each of it would be a meaningful experience for all age groups. The zoo also provides educational opportunities and is dedicated to improving animal management and conservation of the wildlife. Watch the wonders of the wildlife at Lincoln Park Zoo, an experience for the entire family to come closer to wildlife.


Lincoln Park Zoo Contact Detail


Lincoln Park Zoo
2001 North Clark Street

Chicago, Illinois 60614

Phone number: 312-742-2000


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